Your new English teacher



I want to introduce you to Joan. She’s going to be working for us for some time. Ask her questions and send me a comment with the answer. Is she a liar or does she tell the truth? Please, be polite to her. She is very sensitive.


4 Responses

  1. I asked her can you play the violin? and she said Yes

  2. She said she is from England. She said she is, sometimes, silly. She can play tennis. She has got a car. lShe doesn’t like coffee. She likes wine. She has got a cat. She speaks a little bit of Spanish. She hasn’t got a car. Si didn’t want to say if she is a robot or a human.

  3. I hope you will spend a good Easter holiday and k do not mess with no problem

    • I hope you have wonderful Easter holidays as well. I wonder who you are … Can you give me a clue, please?

      Your new teacher: Joan ??? (je, je, je)

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