Write your project in a book

Are you interested in presenting your project in a book. Check these links. You might like them.



You’ll have to register. As you are under 14 you may need your parents’ approval.

I can show you my own book. This is the link: http://www.tikatok.com/view/book/my-friend-jean You’ll need my password to see it so I’ll show it to you all in the class.

Chek a book: tikatok


One Response

  1. Peter’s Story

    He is a boy. He was born in London, but he live in Los Angeles. He is twenty two years old. He as got a dog but he hasen’t got a cat. He has got two brothers and one sister. Her name’s are Pablo, Manuel and Maria. He can play football but he can´t play tennis. His favourite subjet is anatomy.

    He likes hamburguer but he doesn’t like vegetables. He visited Spain, Japon and France last year. He speak three lenguages. Spanish, English and Français. He watched T.V everidays and he always play console. He went to the park yesterday. He like bougth swits in the shopping center. He get up at seven o´clok because he went to the school at eight o´clok .

    He wearing blue jeans, cap, t-shirt orange and trainers.
    Last hollydays he went to the beach of hawai. He like’s swiming in the sea.

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