This is Peter

This is Peter. He is a policeman.He’s 50 years old. He lives in New York.He is wearing jeans and a T-shirt. He lives in a red house near the beach. He’s married and he has got 3 children. His wife is a postwoman and her name is Susan. They have got a red car. They are rich. They have got a cat.
Peter can play the guitar. He likes playing tennis but at the moment he is playing football.
They always visit the museum at the weekend. They are very happy!

1.-Is he a policeman?
2.-Is he wearing a dress?
3.-Where does he live?
4.-Is he a doctor?
5.-Does he live in a red house near the beach?
6.-Is he angry now?
7.-Has he got a cat?
8.-What is he doing now?
9.-What do they they do at the weekend?
10.-Can he play the piano?

1.-Yes he is.
2.-No he hasn’t.
3.-He lives in New York.
4.-No they don’t.
5.-Yes she is. She is a postwoman.
6.-No he hasn’t. He hasn’t a bike. He has got a red car.
7.-No he doesn’t.
8.-No he can’t.
9.-He is playing football.
10.-They are very happy

Written by: Natalia Tebar 2º A


4 Responses

  1. 1- Yes, he is
    2- No, he isn’t. He is wearing jeans and a T-shirt
    3- He lives in New York
    4- No, he isn’t. He is a policeman
    5- Yes, he does
    6- No, he isn’t
    7- Yes, he has
    8- Now, he is playing football
    9- At the weekend they always visit the museum
    10- No, he can’t. He can play the guitar

    1- Is he 50 years old?
    2- Has he got a dog?
    3- Where does he live?
    4- Do they live in a blue house?
    5- Is Susan a postwoman?
    6- Has he got a bike?
    7- Does he play tennis?
    8- Can he play the violin?
    9- What is he does at the moment?
    10- How are they?

  2. Well done¡ But … there’s only a little mistake. Check out question number 9. The rest, just perfect.

  3. Thanks Yolanda
    The correct question is:
    – What is he doing at the moment?

  4. You got it right now. Well done¡

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