Streettag -An invitation to see the World- Try it ¡¡¡

Click on this link:

Write the name of a street, on the top right corner, for example: Calle del General Marvá 24  Madrid Spain

Have a walk around and write about it. Isn’t it great?

Did you visit many places? Where did you go? Did you pay a lot money to see the world? Did you like the experience?

Send us a comment¡ OK? (It’s an opportunity to practice your Simple Past Verbs)

The Crocus Project at the Secondary School Pio Baroja

In 2008 The Holocaust Educational Trust of Ireland provided the IES Pradolongo, with 200 yellow crocus bulbs to plant in autumn in memory of the one and a half million Jewish children and thousands of other children who died in the Holocaust. This term The Pradolongo shared the bulbs with us at the IES Pio Baroja. Next year it will be us who will find a new partner to work together about part of our History.

The yellow flowers we have planted at our school,  recall the yellow Stars of David all Jews were forced to wear under Nazi rule.

The activity presents an opportunity to introduce our students to the subject of the Holocaust. It is a tangible way to stimulate discussion and create awareness about discrimination.

More information about the project:

Lo que sirve es la actitud

Corrector ortográfico

A veces es más fácil corregir tus escritos desde el procesador de textos ya sea Open Office o Word o cualquier otro. Si esto no te funciona siempre te queda utilizar un corrector ortográfico externo. Este no está mal y si logras pasar de la publicidad  mucho mejor.

BienvenidXs al PiOnet

Esta va a ser nuestra página. Podremos contar muchas cosas, sugerir enlaces, compartir información, etc.. Podemos hacer que internet sea una herramienta que nos ayude a aprender cosas nuevas y a compartir, con otra gente del instituto y de otros lugares,  lo que sabemos.